Depok, LAMSAMA – Following a seven-day Training for Prospective Assessors conducted by the Independent Accreditation Institution for Natural Sciences and Formal Sciences (LAMSAMA) from Monday (6/3) to Monday (20/3), LAMSAMA has finalized the selection of assessors for the year 2023.

Picture of the participants of the Training for Prospective Assessors 2023.

A total of 45 faculty members specializing in Natural Sciences and Formal Sciences from various universities in Indonesia have successfully been appointed as LAMSAMA assessors for 2023 after a rigorous selection process. Out of 111 applicants, 59 individuals were deemed qualified to undergo the training for prospective assessors. After the training, 45 participants were selected as assessors for LAMSAMA in 2023.

The individuals who have been selected as Assessors for LAMSAMA 2023 will be assigned an Assessor Identification Number (NIRA) and will receive a LAMSAMA Assessor Certificate, valid for a specific period.

“Moving forward, the assessors will be informed of their assignments by the LAMSAMA secretariat team,” said Prof. Dr.-Ing. Drs. Ir. Mitra Djamal, IPU. ASEAN Eng., Director of the LAMSAMA Executive Board.

The assessment of the assessors’ qualifications was based on pre-test scores, post-test scores, attendance, and individual mockup LED assessments.

During the Training for Prospective Assessors, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Abdul Haris, Chairman of the LAMSAMA Accreditation Council, emphasized the importance of assessors having the necessary skills and understanding of the LAMSAMA accreditation system, mechanisms, quality assurance, criteria, and assessment.

“In an era of increasing global connectivity and growing competition among higher education institutions worldwide, accreditation is a mandatory process to assess the suitability, relevance, performance, efficiency, and effectiveness of governance in Indonesian universities,” he added.

According to Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Abdul Haris, accreditation serves as a form of transparency and public accountability to inform and justify the quality of an educational institution. It also provides a means to communicate management performance to stakeholders, including the government, students, parents, business partners, professional organizations, and the academic community.

“Assessors will act as the driving force behind the fundamental vision of accreditation, which is to uphold the quality of higher education institutions in Indonesia. They will serve as the eyes, ears, and hands of LAMSAMA in evaluating and reviewing the quality of study programs under LAMSAMA’s supervision in Indonesia,” expressed the esteemed Professor of Geophysics.

Echoing Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Abdul Haris’ sentiments, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Drs. Ir. Mitra Djamal, IPU. ASEAN Eng., also expressed hopes that the LAMSAMA assessors would be meticulous, precise, and prompt in their roles.

“The role of assessors is crucial as they are at the forefront of LAMSAMA’s mission to not only be a national accreditation institution but also an international one,” he enthusiastically stated.

Furthermore, LAMSAMA highly appreciates and extends gratitude to all the participants, both successful and unsuccessful in this year’s selection process. LAMSAMA hopes that all the participants of the Training for Prospective Assessors will continue to contribute to the advancement of quality assurance in study programs.

The announcement of the selected assessors for LAMSAMA 2023 can be accessed through the following link:

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