Depok, LAMSAMA — The Independent Accreditation Institution for Science and Mathematics (LAMSAMA) has announced its readiness to enter a transitional period of accreditation with automated mechanisms in 2024. This initiative is a direct response to the Regulation of the Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia Number 53 of 2023 concerning Quality Assurance for Higher Education.

LAMSAMA’s preparedness is marked by a series of intensive discussions with various stakeholders as part of the transition initiative towards accreditation with automated mechanisms. The activities began with the dissemination of the implementation framework of Permendikbud Ristek No 53 of 2023 on November 8, 2023, aiming to ensure a common understanding of the new instruments among Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and study programs. The following day, LAMSAMA held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with MIPAnet stakeholders to align perceptions about the accreditation mechanism that will use PDDIKTI data automation. The following weeks were filled with various FGDs involving professional associations in the fields of science and formal sciences, focusing on the preparation and finalization of academic and vocational instrument frameworks.

The atmosphere of the academic and vocational supplement perception alignment event for Permendikbudristek No 53 of 2023


Subsequently, LAMSAMA conducted sessions to deploy the instrument framework to gather further input and align perceptions regarding the set quality standards. This process involved professional associations in natural sciences and formal sciences as well as the preparation of field supplements to identify the specificities of scholarship developed by each study program. In the fourth week, LAMSAMA finalized the preparation of bachelor’s and vocational instruments considering inputs from various professional associations and universities. This activity marked a significant step in refining the accreditation instruments that will be applied.

A group photo after discussions related to the FGD Implementation Instrument Permendikbudristek No 53 of 2023 with the LAMSAMA Accreditation Assembly


At the end of the schedule, in the fifth and sixth weeks, LAMSAMA focused on the framework for drafting academic instrument manuscripts and implementing Permendikbudristek No 53 of 2023. FGDs were held with the accreditation assembly and relevant stakeholders to finalize the instruments and ensure their compliance with current regulations.

On January 3, 2024, LAMSAMA concluded the series of activities with a dissemination of implementation and policy to recruited assessors, marking the final preparations before the full implementation of the new accreditation system. Through these FGDs, LAMSAMA strives to build a strong foundation for transitioning to a more efficient and transparent accreditation system, in line with quality assurance for higher education in Indonesia.

LAMSAMA has also conducted limited recruitment to recruit assessors specifically for State Universities (PTN BH) in facing this transition period.

The atmosphere of the LAMSAMA 2024 prospective assessor training session online


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Drs. Ir. Mitra Djamal, IPU. ASEAN Eng., Executive Director of LAMSAMA, emphasized the importance of this transition in ensuring the improvement of higher education quality in Indonesia. “We are at a crucial juncture, where we can choose to continue with the existing accreditation system or switch to the new model proposed by Permendikbud. By entering this transition period, we pave the way for the full implementation of the automation system, which will accelerate and streamline the accreditation process without compromising precision and accuracy,” said Prof. Djamal.

The implementation of automated mechanisms is expected to provide several benefits, including the extension of accredited status for study programs and universities based on the evaluation of data and information available on PD Dikti. This mechanism will not only expedite the accreditation process but also ensure transparency and accountability in quality assurance for higher education.

Dr. Muhamad Abdulkadir Martoprawiro, M.S., Ph.D., outlined the changes that will occur in the LAMSAMA IT System during the transition period. “We will carry out a series of updates to our system, ranging from adding systems for new study programs to refining the SALAM version from v.1.0 to v.2.2. These changes will ensure that our IT system is aligned with the needs and standards set by Permendikbudristek No. 53/2023,” explained Dr. Martoprawiro.

Through collaborative efforts between LAMSAMA, stakeholders, and assessors, this accreditation transition period is expected to establish a strong foundation for quality assurance in higher education in Indonesia, ultimately enhancing the standards and international recognition for study programs and universities in Indonesia.

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