Depok, LAMSAMA – Continuing the accreditation process, the Lembaga Akreditasi Mandiri Sains Alam dan Ilmu Formal (LAMSAMA) has commenced the Field Assessment (AL) process for study programs (Prodi) whose accreditation is expiring in 2022, starting Thursday (October 27).


The accreditation process with LAMSAMA initially involves the Prodi finalizing the required documents on the LAMSAMA Accreditation System (SALAM).

Subsequently, the accreditation proceeds with the Sufficiency Assessment (AK) process. In this stage, the Accreditation form is reviewed by Assessor 1 and Assessor 2, followed by validation by the validator to determine whether the accreditation can proceed to the Field Assessment (AL).

“This decision was made in the LAMSAMA Executive Board meeting to determine whether the Prodi can proceed to the Field Assessment process,” said Prof. Dr.-Ing. Drs. Ir. Mitra Djamal, IPU., Chairman of the LAMSAMA Executive Board.

The AL process conducted by LAMSAMA is carried out offline and initially implemented for the Actuarial Science Study Program at Tamansiswa Padang University, lasting for two days from Thursday (October 27). The assessors responsible for the assessment are Prof. Dr. Titin Siswantining, DEA, and Prof. Dr. Agus Suryanto, M.Sc.

Prof. Dr. Titin Siswantining, DEA, and Prof. Dr. Agus Suryanto, M.Sc. during the Field Assessment (AL) process at the Actuarial Science Study Program at Tamansiswa Padang University.

The AL process consists of various agendas, including confirmation regarding the macro policy of institutional system development, checking of standard documents, manuals, periodic reports, as well as confirmation of student involvement, achievements, services, and satisfaction.

Moreover, after the completion of the AL process, the Prodi is requested to provide feedback on the AL implementation by LAMSAMA.

“This feedback is important to provide us with new input for developing the accreditation process, especially in future Field Assessments,” emphasized Mitra.

Following this, the AL process will also be conducted for other study programs at different universities. Examples include the Mathematics Program at Lambung Mangkurat University, the Geology Program at the University of Indonesia, and the Mathematics Program at Surabaya State University, among others.

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